Life Products


This product has been developed as a primary means of investing in providing for the costs associated with studies. Study provider offers regular withdrawals over the term of the policy to assist with educational costs as well as providing a lump sum at maturity that may be used towards assisting in paying the costs of tertiary education. The study provider is a unit-linked investment product that assists customers in saving towards the good education of their child or children.

The current investment vehicle is a money market fund called the classic taxed fund. In addition to the waiver benefits and the AIM, this product also offers;

– Child’s Funeral benefit – This benefit allows the insurer to provide a cash-payout should your child unfortunately die.
– Child’ Accidental Disability benefit – If your child becomes disabled or suffers dismemberment as a result of an accident the insurer provides a cash-payout.



This product is the combination of risk, investment fused with some form of medical insurance. It is meant to provide cover for the immediate family, parent’s in-laws as well as the extended family members.

1. Provides lump sum for funeral expenses
2. Optional level of cover
3. Dread disease benefit
4. Debility benefit
5. Hospital benefit.
6. Savings benefit.



The Life Time Needs Plan is a multipurpose product, which can be taken for the following benefits: 1. Life Cover 2. Retirement 3. Education


1. Life Cover upon the death of the Life Assured
On the death of the Life Assured before the policy is terminated the higher of: The initial life cover plus any increases of the update facility OR The amount in the Investment account is paid out.

2. Benefit at maturity
The number of cash proceeds in the investment portfolio.

3. Full encashment
When the policy has been in force for two years it acquires encashment, which the life assured may access after 5 years. Should the full encashment be taken the policy will be terminated.

4. Partial encashment benefit
Partial encashment could be accessed not more than once a year and may not exceed 50% of the full encashment value.

5. Paid-up benefit
When the policy has acquired encashment of ¢500,000, or greater, the life assured may decide to stop paying premiums and convert the policy to a Paid-up Benefit. However, the policy will lose all benefits other than the amount remaining in the investment account if any.

When the life assured dies, the child (ren) can continue their education There will be ready cash for the family if the life assured dies The life assured does not have to lower his standard of living on retirement.



The Funeral Finance Policy is designed to provide money for the burial needs for all family members. This plan prevents unpleasant situations from happening when a loved one dies. It also makes money available within 48 hours upon submitting all relevant documents.



1. Affordability
The minimum premium for the Funeral Finance Policy is ¢55,000. This makes it one of the most affordable plans of this kinds in the market.

2. Waiting Period
Although the Funeral Finance Policy does not require anybody that is covered to answer extensive medical questions, the company needs to ensure that the people that they are providing cover for are not a high risk to the company. To safeguard this the company has imposed a waiting period of 6 months for everybody covered. Within this period benefits are not paid for natural causes of death, for instance stroke or heart attack. However if a person covered died through accidental means such as murder or motor accident, the company would pay out the full amount of cover.

3. Waiver of premium
If a life assured dies and that person is younger than 55 years at entry, the company will not stop the policy; rather all the members covered by the life assured would remain covered up to when the last person dies.

Maximum Cover-The maximum cover allowed is GH¢2,200 for the life assured and the spouse, and GH¢1,100 for children, parents and the extended family.



The financial provider is a unit-link investment product that assists clients in saving. The product provides a lump sum benefit on maturity. Regular withdrawals without penalty will be available as well as a full and partial surrenders. A client can invest with affordable monthly payments or single lump sum amount. Financial product is flexible because you choose the monthly premium that you want to pay subject to minimums. It also has a disability waiver benefit as well as an automatic inflation management system (AIM).