Technical Unit


The Corporate workgroup is our multi-purpose workgroup which handles the insurance programmes of clients in the manufacturing, construction, education, hospitality and others in the services industries. Over the years, this workgroup has been responsible for the restructuring of insurance programmes of many of our clients which has resulted in enormous cost savings.

Natural Resources

This workgroup handles the insurances of the Mining and Energy sectors of the economy. Over the years the workgroup, together with our overseas partners, has been involved in the restructuring and reviewing of the insurances of several companies in these sectors and has also arranged specialized types of insurance cover in complex cases. These services have been offered by a strong team of professionals and supported by a strong reinsurance department.

Health, Life & Pensions

This unit is involved in providing advisory services as well as the arrangement of various Life and Health Insurance products for individual and corporate clients. This unit mostly specializes in employee benefit insurance programmes. Below are some of the products the unit arranges:

  1. Retirement Plans / Pensions
  2. Individual/GroupLife Plans
  3. Group Funeral Plans
  4. Group Personal Accident Plans
  5. Mortgage Protection
  6. Medical / Health Insurance (Local and International)

The Financial Institutions

The Financial Institutions workgroup handles the insurances of all Banking clients and companies engaged in providing financial services. Over the years, the team in conjunction with our overseas partners, has designed and introduced policies to properly cover the risks of its clients where existing policies were found to be inappropriate. Two of these policies are,  the Bankers Blanket Bond which was introduced after KEK noticed serious limitations with the traditional Bankers Indemnity cover, and the Assets All Risks policy which was similarly introduced by KEK after the company found the Assets All Risks policy to be superior to the traditional Fire & Burglary policies. While Insurers offer variations in wording, we still maintain our original wording for our clients which is unique in its breadth of cover.

Specialty Services

This workgroup handles the insurances of multinational clients including those introduced to us via our international partners. Most insurance placements concluded by this workgroup are benchmarked to similar ones issued for the client’s parent/head office. This is to ensure that the policies arranged for our clients meet international/global standards as far as their operations are concerned. Over the years, the workgroup has developed expertise in the placement of international risks.

Business Development

This workgroup handles the assessments of marketing opportunities and target markets’ intelligence gathering on customers and competitors to generate leads for possible sales and follow-up sales activity. This workgroup also handles formal proposal writing and business model design and also carries out situational analysis. It is further responsible for generating new business from the market and driving ongoing sales as well as identifying new opportunities for growth. The workgroup establishes and builds new relationship with existing and potential customers, as well as maintaining existing books of business. The workgroup formulates strategies, policies, procedures and action plans to achieve maximum growth and profitability for the company. They further conduct market research to determine clients’ needs. And its effort is geared towards an increase in market share, brand maintenance as well as the proffering of excellent customer service.

Individual Life Assurance

This department is involved in the provision of Individual Life Assurance services/products to the Ghanaian working population. Among the products offered are:

  1. Family Income Protection Plan
  2. Study Provider (Investment Product)
  3. Master Plan
  4. Life Time Needs Plan
  5. Funeral Finance Policy
  6. Financial Provider / Pension Provider (Investment Product)
  7. Child Care Policy
  8. Ladycare Policy
  9. Wealth Master Plan