Joshua Caleb Anderson (Country Manager, Liberia)

Mr. Anderson’s illustrious professional journey has been devoted to the insurance industry, a testament to his unwavering commitment and expertise. Commencing his career in 2016 with KEK Insurance Brokers Ltd in Ghana, he diligently ascended through the organizational hierarchy. His notable accomplishments include overseeing large multinational accounts within the dynamic realms of mining, oil, and gas.

During his tenure, Mr. Anderson assumed the pivotal role of Liaison Officer, demonstrating exceptional diplomatic acumen while collaborating seamlessly between the company’s offices in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Recognizing his exemplary dedication and performance, he was subsequently promoted to the position of Assistant Manager.

Currently serving as the Acting Country Manager for KEK Insurance Brokers Limited in Liberia, Mr. Anderson continues to showcase his exceptional leadership and managerial skills. His dedication to his role has been a driving force behind his rise within the organization.
Academically, Mr. Anderson is equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Science, specializing in Agribusiness, obtained from the prestigious University of Ghana. Furthermore, he has augmented his professional acumen with a Diploma in Insurance from both the Malta International Training Centre and the Ghana Insurance College.

Mr. Anderson’s profound expertise, coupled with his academic accomplishments, positions him as a distinguished professional in the insurance industry. His journey reflects a commendable blend of competence, diligence, and continuous pursuit of excellence.