Nuerkie Afi Odzeyem (Chief Executive Officer)


Nuerkie Afi Odzeyem has served all her respective positions in the company with great aplomb. From the time she joined the company in 2006, she has served both KEK Insurance Brokers Ltd. and KEK Reinsurance Brokers (Africa) Ltd., and has risen steadily to become CEO of the latter.

From her early position as Senior Broking Officer, to her tenure as Chief Manager of KEK Re, Nuerkie has garnered a wide expanse of knowledge in the industry from the very bottom all the way to the top.

She has an extensive knowledge in reinsurance and schooling in insurance. She received an Advanced AIS Diploma in 2010, and an Advanced Diploma in Insurance in 2014. She holds a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration from the Halifax College, London, and an HND in Business Management.




Senyo Tamakloe (Financial Accountant)


Senyo Tamakloe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Cape Coast. He is currently perusing a master’s degree in Finance with the University of Ghana, Legon and professional career with ACCA- UK. He worked as a senior Audit Assistant with Deloitte and Touché, a firm of chartered accountants. He joined the company in 2010.