‘Insurance is Peace of Mind’

KEK deals in all types of insurance policies at affordable rates that allow you to feel safe and secure. If you think that sounds good you will be ecstatic to find out that our consultancy services are free of charge!

Our Life department has therefore been created to extend to your staff, innovative and affordable life assurance products that are consistently superior to create security and enhance the quality of lives of as many families as possible in Ghana.

To achieve this objective, we have liaised with some experienced and high-profile life assurance companies to develop the following policies to serve the life assurance needs of your staff and their families:

  • Lifetime Needs Plan
  • Funeral Finance Plan
  • Financial Provider
  • Study Provider
  • Pension Provider
  • Family Funeral Provider
  • Master Plan

As Brokers, we are able to examine all the life policies on the market and looking at your peculiar needs, give an unbiased advice as to what to buy and from whom.

KEK is a corporate entity who would forever be there to service you even if the Life Broking Executive who directly sold the policy to you leaves the industry.

We will help your staff and their families to enjoy the quality of lives they deserve in the future and help them cultivate the habit of long-term savings.